Home of Asset Administration Shell (AAS)

This server provides various tools and examples explaining the concept of Asset Administration Shell (AAS) hosted under the Github organization admin-shell-io.

Download of releases and source code of AASX Package Explorer are here.
Please find screencasts here.
Please find AAS examples here.

Please find an example AASX Server here.
Download of releases, docker and source code are here.

Please find the AASX server of the security demo here.
Please find the related OpenID Authentication Server here.
Download, docker and source code are here.
The security demo is explained under screencasts Security (see above).

Please find a first registry for AASX Servers here.
See the connected AASX Servers here.
Refresh the registry here.
Source code is here.

Please find a first demo of a generic I40 language here.